Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Stuff-Nest-Never Thought I Would Love a Thermostat

I love my house, but I am not in love with some of its features.  I recently replaced my  go-go-gadget Atari style thermostat with the Nest-wi-fi enabled Thermostat.  I was a Navy Electronics Technician, so I was easily able to install it.  You can to with the help from Nest. Just send them a pic of your wiring set up and you can give them a call.

The main reason we like the Nest, at first, was its sleek look.  It's the Porsche of thermostats.  We quickly learned that we can use our smartphone to control it, set a schedule, and our Nest begins to learn our preferences.  The Nest encourages energy savings and will encourage you to use less energy by keeping track of conservative practices.
We can program a schedule, keep track of hours used, use it from anywhere we have cell phone service, and much, much more.
I love to talk about the products I love.  I really hope you consider Nest when trying to modernize your house with energy conservation in mind!

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