My Stuff-My Phone.....

I am a big fan of Samsung and the Android OS.  I am not a big Techy, but I do like things to make sense, exhude creativity, and to have some nice features.

My Samsung Galaxy S III has not really let me down whatsoever.  I did get the Otterbox case because my 'lil sweetie is only 2, turning 3 tomorrow, and she likes the games and of course Dora on Netflix.

There are few things I would change about the programming.  When I find a contact and select, why doesn't this thing dial?  I know it is so minor, but these new techy toys could make anyone OCD about such details.

My favorite things about this phone are  definitely the Android OS, the news apps, and camera.  I am not a huge techy geek, but I really can't imagine needing anything more.

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